Building companies that learn, innovate and grow.

Building Collaborative, innovative companies that  grow.

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What we do

Technological advances and changes in customer demands can bring opportunities as well as disruption for companies.

We are highly experienced at building business models for new products and services, enabling companies to create or adapt their business model to reach new customers, improve their revenue streams and reduce costs.

We also work with companies and their employees to co-develop strategy via strategic facilitation.

We work collaboratively with bold, innovative companies and their people.

Enabling you to find new customers, maintain your relevance and authenticity. Helping you to grow.


Embedding new skills is key to growing a  successful, innovative company. Learn how our Interactive Train the Trainer and Business Model Innovation courses can help you achieve your goals.

If you are a third party industry organisation find out more how we can help your members grow.

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Business Innovation

Developing a new product or service? Raising investment for a business?

Create a bespoke business model and value proposition that clarifies the value you are offering and the right revenue model to increase your chance of success.


Strategic Facilitation

Supercharge your away days, meetings and events.

Whether you are a large organisation or an SME, wanting to make collective decisions; co-develop a product or strategy or co-create innovative business solutions, we can help you.


Whilst line producing one of the UK's first digital feature films, Mel noticed digital technology was not only changing the film production process, it was also impacting business models. However, there wasn't enough relevant training courses in the industry to overcome this problem.

Over the last nineteen years, Mel has worked with the creative industries to design cutting edge business innovation and strategic training courses and consultancy services to enable companies to change. 

Demand has since come from other industries including tech, digital, manufacturing and open data.

Now many innovative companies are realising the benefits of improving their business and working collaboratively with their employees.



Mel Norman

Digital Business Innovator/Founder

Mel's first business was selling educational books in the US during her summers at University. She learnt innovative sales, business and management skills. After completing an MSc in Film and TV, and taking a sabbatical as a business coach, she became a Producer, and provided bespoke business training to the creative industries.

In 2007 Mel moved into interactive entertainment and jointly won the ‘Socially responsive’ category at MIPTV’s 360 degree competition and became the Programme Director of the London Games Fringe. A collaborative festival bringing together many creative sectors including games, theatre and interactive TV.

Trading as Media-Sauce, Mel has delivered training and consultancy to hundreds of companies from the tech, data, smart cities, creative, manufacturing and health sectors.

In 2012, Mel became the Theme Champion for Business Models and Growth for the Creative Industries and Director of the epic collaborative Social Media Week London.

Recently, Mel was the Business lead at the Open Data Institute and created and delivered training to companies including: Arrup, Thompson Reuters, Experian, Met Office, Department for Transport, World Bank, Office for National Statistics, CABI, Opendatasoft & Sports England.

She also co-designed and delivered the Open Data Train The Trainer which created over 60 registered trainers from governments and organisations all over the world.