37 Signals, business acronyms and screw drivers part 2

I wanted to share with you another tool that can help you with your value proposition.

Those of you that have seen the Business Model Canvas know that it is a simple tool which allows you to map out your current business model and then modify it. It contains a number of boxes, including partnerships, revenue streams, delivery, costs, key activities and key resources. Two of the biggest and most important are the Value proposition and Customer Segments boxes. Osterwalder, Pigneur and many other business experts believe you can’t even think of revenue until you have figured out, what the value is and to whom are you offering it. This is the DNA of your business model and everything else comes after this.

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37 signals, business acronyms and screwdrivers

​I want to lift the lid up on a business acronym ‘Value Propositions’. In the creative industries we tend not to be a fan of ‘business speak’ as it can appear generic and irrelevant or something that only corporate companies should have on their agenda.

However, ‘value propositions’ is one of the most important ones out there as it is shapes the centre of any business and is the key to growth. I wanted to share with you the latest thoughts and application of this, as once understood this could be one of the single and most important things you can uncover about your company.

What is it?

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Find out what 1700 CEO's think & how it can help your business

Recently, IBM released their latest Global study based on face to face interviews with 1,700 chief executive officers in 64 countries. I wanted to share it with you as it gives an interesting overview of the opportunities and challenges of running a 21st Century business.

IBM produce a study every two years, their latest report ‘Leading Through Connections’ states that CEO’s, for the first time, see technology to be the key driver that is driving change in their organisations. Company execs are now realising the impact of social and digital and how it is changing supply chains and relationships between partners, employees and customers.

Here is a summary of some of the key findings from the report:

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What's the story of your business?

If you were to attend a creative or digital conference, across any industry the mention of business models would at some point waft from tweets and discussions throughout seminars, panel discussions and networking breaks. These may include thoughts about how business models need to change, or what business models are disrupting industries.

However, if you were to ask a selection of folk 'What is a business model?’ they might suggest it is about pricing or the exploitation of IP or what a customer wants. The answer to the question is all of the above and more. The standard definition is a business model explains how a company creates, delivers, and captures value.

In this blog I want to lift the lid up on the term ‘business models' and look at what it really means. 

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Creative Industries KTN announce the ‘Leap Day Business Challenge’ as part of Social Media Week

Calling all company owners, join us for the Business Leap Day Challenge. Spend your extra leap day this year to review the way you are doing business with our experts in order to take your business to the next level.

Why we are doing this..

A recent study by IBM interviewed 1500 CEOs from around the world and revealed that nearly all of them are adapting their business models - two thirds are implementing extensive innovations, with more than 40% re-defining them to be more collaborative. 

This is aimed at company owners and CEOs who are successful, but who would like to stay ahead of the curve to secure their future. Most companies are re-evaluating the way they do business to keep up with technology disruptions. Join them to review your business model

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First bloggage in new role as Theme Champion for Business Models Creativektn

Two months of meetings, deliberations, and consultations have come up with the following;ideas, themes which will be weaved throughout the year for my new part time role as Theme Champion of Business Models and Growth. I’m really excited by this theme as it offers a lots;of opportunity to creative and digital company business owners and has been a passion of mine for many years.

Why is there a need for this role?

It is particularly sad to watch big global giants like Kodak who were the pioneers of digital photography, fall by the way side. Companies are not only having to change and adapt to;survive, not only having to change their products or and services but there the DNA, at the;heart of their business. There is no constant. A recent study by IBM interviewed 1500 CEOs;from around the world and found out that nearly all CEOs are adapting their business model.

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How to build a visionary company (part 1)

 Mention ‘vision and mission ‘to most people and you can see eyeballs role, it is corporate speak. If you have ever read some vision and mission statements you might have noticed that  they can verge from being entertaining and not in a good way, to being so dull that reading a company’s health and safety notice can be inspiring by comparison.

However, done right, both can be really valuable to your company, can sustain it for years to come, attract the right business and partners and maintain your relevance, irrespective of market changes.

This 2 part blog will look at:

  • How to build a visionary company - Create a company which will be here tomorrow
  • Mission Possible- Maintaining your relevance, by understanding one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your business.

Why is this all this important?

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A collaborative Christmas
This Sunday I had the day off nursing a persistent cough. For the last few weeks I have been burying my head in the snow pretending that it is not Christmas. Realising I needed an attitude shift, I decided to watch ‘White Christmas’, the old Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye film from the 50’s to put me in the holiday spirit. A long standing phobia to musicals, based on a brief but terrifying pre-teen experience at my local theatre in Stevenage means I always fast forward through the musical numbers to focus on the story. As I watched Rosemary Clooney tap dance at high speed across the stage waving a feathered fan, my mind wandered.. For those of you who have forgotten the story. Bing and Danny decide to, in five days, to put on a show, in an ailing ski lodge to improve its takings after a snow drought. In order to make it happen, find the artists, get an audience, they used their networks, TV, phones, the resources of their time to put on a show of a life time. Read More
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