Didn't we have a lovely day, the day we went to Bangor..

It was actually 2 days and the location was Caernarfon, but who lets details get any the way of a great song title. Media-sauce was invited by Cyfle to run a two day workshop on 'Old content, new money' looking at ways you can change your content  business model to increase your income and work across different platforms.  We were joined by a team from Cwmni Da  looking to expand the reach of their content and 2 ex participants from Cyfle's multi platform course. 

I covered looking at new business models and how to build new models based on the knowledge from other industries, how you can uncover the hidden assets in your content and expand it's reach across different platforms

Mark, the mobile man, did a fantastic talk looking at how mobile business models have changed and the types of opportunities that currently exist to make money.

Sheerri, the legal wonder went through online licensing and answered many, many questions of the legal variety relating to TV and digital IP.

Thank you to Iona and Shan for making us feel welcome and the view from the venue was amazing. 


Mel NormanComment