Creative Leaders Round table discussion to be continued


A few weeks ago as part of the Theme Champion role I put on a round table discussion about business models in the digital creative industry for creative leaders. Some of the companies attended included: Mint DigitalPokeNixonMcinnesGolant Media Ventures, Moo, BBC, Putitout.  We had apologises from Aardmann, Keo Films, and Berg who through illness and urgent work matters couldn't make it but would like to be involved in other activities. 

We chatted over dinner about what digital entrepreneur need to support them, the challenge of developing a business as well as running the day to day activities. We also discussed the current level of understanding about business models, how to move from a gun for hire company to creating and selling IP.

All the companies mentioned they were interested in continuing the relationship and discussion and so we will be running another one over drinks in a month or so. The format would be we would have a short talk by an expert, another by one of the companies who would be attending then a chat. If you are interested in joining us please drop me a line at

Mel NormanComment