Six tips from industry experts on Business Model Innovation for the digital & creative industries.

Advances in technology have disrupted the creative marketplace. What customers value and will pay for has changed and companies who don’t evaluate their existing business models risk losing their relevance.

There is a lot of discussion around reinventing ‘business models’ and ‘strategy’ but there is a lack of clarity about what this means and even less about how to apply it.
So how does this impact the creative industries, which have undergone more change than most sectors over the last 10 years?

The part time Business Model Theme Champion role, funded by and on behalf of the Creative Industries KTN, focused on transferring current business model practice to the creative industries, using that to shape and inform business model innovation and examine how businesses can better articulate new and emergent business models.

This document is based on my work as the Theme Champion for Business Models for the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network.It is not meant as a scientific document or academic paper but a combination of a summary of my learnings from both my year’s tenure, as well as the thoughts and experiences from those who kindly attended workshops and roundtables or were consulted as experts or as leading companies in their field. My intention is to start a conversation around business model innovation in the creative and digital sectors and for the recommendations to be explored further.

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