Business development for CEO's & Founders

Advances in technology have disrupted the creative marketplace. What customers value, expect and will pay for has changed and companies who don’t evaluate their existing business models can lose their relevance.

Business model innovation is an emerging field and it’s growth can be charted with the growth of the internet but training and workshops around this specialism, within the creative sector, are very limited. Many universities have research areas and experts investigating this field but the knowledge has not transferred to the creativity industries.

The aim of our programme is to improve a company's business competencies and income generation and to leave the skills and tools with the organisation to enable it to be self-sufficient in a continuously disruptive and changing environment. The method we use is collaborative, jargon free and puts the creativity back into business by using design thinking and proven strategies to tweak or redesign a company.  We mix the benefits of consulting with the interactivity of workshops to provide peer to peer learning. The programme will allow the creation of purposeful, agile and sustainable companies who have a fit for purpose business model.  

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