Creative Biography

Mellissa writes for kids and teens. Her background in film and digital helps her to create stories that can work on a variety of platforms including books. Mel has been writing ever since she could hold a pen and spent a lot of time as a child creating magical stories and even more time trying to convince other kids they were real. 

Mel did an MSc in Film and TV at Napier University and specialised in writing and producing, she made her first film in Lisbon 'Jigsaw'. It was the first ever Portuguese and Scottish co-production and offered a great opportunity to learn Portuguese fast. 

Mel worked as a Producer for many years across Film and TV including developing a series of scripts with Gabriel Films and started her career working as an assistant to established directors including Lynne Ramsay and Bill Forysth.  She also line produced the first digital feature to be made in Scotland and also managed a  £1m production in Mumbai,  'Bombay Blush',  for the BBC.

el loves writing about extra-ordinary kids who live in an ordinary suburban world. She is currently working on the second manuscript from a trilogy,  called Sam Victory. 


Sam Victory is a contemporary m/g black comedy, about a stubborn 11 year old boy, Sam who has grown up in a family of accountants but who dreams of being a superhero. However, even after many years of looking, he has never found his superpower. Since his sister died, he spends most of his free time hiding in wardrobes and avoiding physical activity. In his first careers lesson, he is told he needs to find a suitable career option. Sam loses confidence, should he follow his dad’s wishes, or his own? He is asked by his friend Sid to find his missing dad. Sam wonders if he finds his friends dad could it also help him find his power?