Strategic Facilitation 

Supercharge your strategic team workshops, offsite/away days, and larger industry gatherings by unlocking collective knowledge, collaboratively making decisions and solving problems allowing you to work better together.

We work with agile, creative, digital and open companies and use many global practices including world café, unconferences and other formats, which encourage openness, conversation and collaboration.

Enabling you to make positive, strategic changes on your own, without the need for expensive consultants.

We have worked with tech companies, NGO’s, Creative agencies, digital companies and non-government agencies from around the world.

A sample of previous work includes:

Brighton Festival- Working with staff and the festival audience to co-create their digital strategy. 

KTN - Malaysian Innovation Agency (AIM),  PlaTCOM Ventures and SME Corp Malaysia. to co-create and deliver a large event in Malaysia bringing together MY city managers to work on urban challenges.

UNESCO- to create a new democratic participatory format for their biannual gathering of presidents to create a list of priorities for the directors consultation.

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