Strategic Facilitation

Supercharge your team workshops, offsite/away days, and larger industry gatherings by unlocking collective knowledge, making decisions and solving problems allowing you to work better together.

We work with agile, creative, digital and open companies and use global practices including world café, unconferences and other formats, which encourages openness, conversation and collaboration. We work with clients on one off gatherings and also on retainer.

Enabling you to make positive, strategic changes together.

We have worked with tech companies, UN, NGO’s, creative agencies, digital companies and non-government agencies from around the world.


A sample of previous work includes:

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Offsites/Away Days

How can you improve collaboration, engagement and set direction?

We design and deliver offsites and strategy days for all sizes of companies. Building in collaboration from the very beginning to improve engagement and results.

We have worked with Innovate UK, dxw, Brighton Festival amongst others.

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Large Events

How can we find solutions together?

Whether you are one company or a group of organsations, we work with you to unlock collective knowledge allowing you to work and find solutions together.

We have worked with BBC, Nesta, The U.N, Innovate UK, Social Media Week, London Games Festival Fringe and Chinwag amongst others.

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Micro Company Strategy Days

Where are you heading next?

Whether you are a 1-2 person company or have less than 10 employees, we offer micro companies strategy days and half days both in London and in a rural location.

Our strategy days allow you to spend time working on your business.


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