What our Clients say about working with us:-

Mel is inspirational and is able to take an overall view of a company and pin point precisely what is the missing part of the jigsaw to a companies plans to grow. She is insightful, encouraging and I would say visionary in her approach to finding solutions to perceived problems. 

Gavin Hay,  C.E.O at Cherry Cherry.tv


Mel powered through blue ocean strategy with me and really helped me understand where the business landscape could support our vision. She's a great business guide and strategist and if I had it my way I wouldn't leave home without her.

Nick Katz, FRICS, Co-founder & CEO at ACasa


Mel was my instructor during my training as an Open Data Trainer at the ODI, London. She uniquely combines an open and pleasant character with a profound knowledge and experience in training theory and practice. Her mind-opening instructions have substantially improved my training skills, both in planning and in delivering the course. I highly recommend her for people who wish to develop high skills in training or receive a truly value-adding training.

Vassilis Chryssos, Ex Machina, Co Founder.


We worked with Mel to help train our consultants to be better at identifying and understanding our clients problems and getting their agreement to work with us.The training itself was very good and received positive feedback from the team and it noticeably took our business forward" - 

Tom Nixon - Founder NixonMcInnes


I went along to the 'Beyond the Pitch' workshop, hosted by the wonderful Melissa Norman from Media Sauce which focused on how to create opportunities, make connections and close deals. A lot of it was common sense but great to hear it from someone else's mouth. By the way,  Media Sauce are well worth talking to if you're interested in business training, seminars and learning programs - 

Paul Canty, Preloaded